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How could you earn by 3D printing without any Knowledge? ( Affiliate Marketing)

You may have heard a lots about website where you can earn by uploading model or even print them and sell locally or etsy. 

But don't you think it is not simple as it is told or shown. Creating a model is not something which one can learn overnight. And owning a printer now a days is easy and affordable but is not easy as shown in its commercial or YouTube videos. It takes a lot of time to understand your machine and even you require to learn to maintain it regularly.

Well there is much better ways to earn by 3D printing, well ever you wonder of selling printer. But as you know you require to get franchise or dealership of brand. 

As you may be aware affiliate marketing where you can get a good amount of commission on every sale made by purchasing through your link. 

Here are the website which will help you to get started: ( No links are affiliated )

1)  Amazon ; well many of you are aware of amazon affiliate marketing. Well amazon as lots of products from 3D printer, scanner, spare parts to exclusive range of filament.

        [Well you can even setup online steam store; {I will make separate blog and video on it}]

2)  Aliexpress ; This is best online website and most recommended for getting any printer or even any other products at best best price guaranteed. 

3)  Sculpteo 3D; The one I found which is truly dedicated to 3D printing and even laser cutting. They have lots of service option related to 3D printing. And even you can setup your store on it. On this you can even market 3D models and 3D printed models which I found best among others.

4)  Portabee 3d printer; A website that as its own 3D printers and range of software.

5) ; A one stop solution for all 3D printing requirement.

6) ; Well similar to above mentioned website.

7) colorfabb ; It has range of its own filaments. And even as 3D printers.

8) Makerbot; Well I am not sure about this but they have something called partner portal program.

9) Etsy ; It has lots of custom design products of lots of varieties. Well other website if you want to sale 3D printed model.

10); It even has 3D printer rental service but to limited areas.

Well this are few we found best.


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